Welcome to Modbury Community Children’s Centre

At Modbury Community Children’s Centre, we aim to provide a happy and secure environment where children feel safe both physically and emotionally.

Care as individual as your child

We value each child as an individual and endeavour to respect each child’s needs and rights. In doing so, we aim to provide equal opportunity for children of all abilities and levels to be exposed to a wide range of experiences and interactions. This enables them to question differences and similarities equally.

We provide a healthy diet as recommended in the National Quality Standards 2011.

Fostering confidence and equality

We guarantee that our staff respect the skills, abilities and knowledge of all children and ensure that all interactions, experiences and materials support gender equity and non-bias principles.

The Modbury Community Children’s Centre aims to provide quality care for young children, which complements care within the family and supports parents/guardians, staff and the community. We believe in Primary Care giving which works towards establishing a warm secure relationship with the child and also sets up a partnership with the parents.