children having fun balancing

Baby Room Curriculum

In the Baby Room, our curriculum is a relationship based emerging curriculum, with a strong emphasis on learning through play and everyday routines and interactions. Our educators work collaboratively with families to gain information and insight to what their child’s interests are, and also what learning they would like to see happen for their child. We firmly believe in the importance of forming positive relationships with children and families. The Circle of Security and Primary Caregiving are firmly embedded in our curriculum, as well as our daily routines and interactions.

We use the early Years Learning Framework to guide our planning, and the documenting of children’s learning. Each child has an individual learning plan which is based on strengths, interests, and observations gathered by educators, as well as feedback from families. Each child has their own portfolio where evidence and documentation is recorded with the use of learning stories, photos and observations. We also provide a group curriculum, which is based on current interests and observations of the children. Evidence of the children’s learning is documented in our Floor Book by the use of photos, capturing children’s voices and observations. The Floor Book is displayed in our room, and is accessible to families at all times.