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Modbury Community Children’s Centre aims to create a positive inclusive learning environment which encourages children to engage in play based experiences focussed on their interests, everyday lives and to work with each child’s strengths. We believe that Primary Care giving establishes a warm secure relationship between the educator and child and also creates a collaborative partnership with families. Our centre believes in the benefits and values of quality education and care.


Each child will be valued as an individual and each child’s needs and rights respected. The Educators will act in the best interest of the children at all times. The centre will endeavour to provide a happy, secure, clean and sustainable environment where children feel safe both physically and emotionally. We aim to embed into the program healthy eating and physical activity.We believe that children learn through play within a nurturing educational environment, which develops and extends their skills. ‘Play enhances every aspect of children’s development and learning. It is children’s window to the world. Play is so important that its significance in children’s lives is recognized by the United Nations as a specific right in addition to , and distinct from, a child’s right to recreation and leisure’(1).

We aim to provide an environment where all parties will treat and respect people equally regardless of gender, age, social-economic status, race, language, different values or beliefs and culture. We aim to provide an inclusive environment of all ability levels enabling children to be exposed to a wide range of experiences and interactions. Educators and staff will respect the skills, abilities and knowledge of all children and ensure all interactions, experiences and materials support inclusion, equity and diversity.


We aim to support families by building respectful relationships and establishing a comfortable and welcoming environment so families develop a sense of belonging. We offer families opportunities to contribute and participate in the centre in various ways e.g. Governing Council, sub-committees and centre events. We encourage open communication and collaborative partnerships between the centre and home environment.

Educators & Staff

Our educators and staff aim to create a warm, friendly, creative, caring and respectful environment to ensure the continuation of high quality education and care. Our educators and staff aim to communicate effectively with children, families/guardians and other educators and staff. We utilise our families strengths encouraging them to participate in our program and respect the diversity of our families backgrounds.

Our educators and staff are provided with opportunities to participate in professional development and centre decision making. As our educators and staff are our number one asset we believe in following safe work practices and we strive to provide them with a supportive environment.


Our programme encourages children to learn through play and our educators are responsive to children’s strengths, abilities and interests (EYLF 2009). Our programme caters for the individual needs of the child, group experiences and is flexible and adaptable. Our educators work to the strengths of the indoor and outdoor learning environments to ensure children’s strengths and interests are catered for.


We aim to make our centre a part of our larger community by taking an interest in other group’s activities and inviting them to share in ours. We also aim to acknowledge the larger communities growing and changing needs.


Our Reconciliation Action Plan goal is to develop and maintain positive and meaningful relationships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that will foster reconciliation.

Governance of Centre

The Centre is an Incorporated Body run by a Governing Council consisting of the Director, Staff representative and Parent representatives.

The Council is responsible for the decisions concerning the Centre’ philosophy, finances, educators & staffing, quality of education and care, maintenance of grounds and building, fees, budget allocations and liaising with other community groups.

Governing Council meetings are documented and a summary of the minutes are available for interested parties.

We aim to build respectful and meaningful relationships that offer mutual support among the Governing Council, Educators, Staff and families. We believe the Governing Council should act in accordance with the philosophy at all times.


Education & Care Services National Law Act 2010

Education & Care Services National Regulations 2011


Governing Council, Educators, Staff and Families

Early Years Learning Framework

  1. United Nations – Convention on the Rights of the Child. Article 31
    Education & Care Services National Law Act 2010

Education & Care Services National Regulations 2011

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Date Policy Created: 1988
Policy Reviewed: July 2017
Next Review: July 2018