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Our Philosophy


At Modbury Community Children’s Centre, our philosophy guides us to provide quality care and education to young children in our community. 

We value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning. We believe in a strong ethos of partnership, well-being, educational curriculum and effective leadership are fundamental in the early years.

 Since opening in 1988, our Centre has provided high quality education and care to the children and families of our community. 

We appreciate sharing the land of the Kaurna people, the first custodians of the Adelaide Plains. We honour and respect their cultural heritage as they guide us in our learning journey as they were the first teachers over many generations.  

We also acknowledge the rich diverse backgrounds of our educators, staff and families which gives our Centre a unique perspective on the importance of cultural diversity and inclusion.


Families are children’s first teachers and they have the most influential roles in their lives. Our partnerships with families are crucial in fostering positive relationships and collaboration between the Centre and home environment. 

Our partnerships with families and the wider community are based on active communication, consultation and collaborations. We encourage families to contribute to the centre in various ways e.g. Governing Council, sub-committees, Centre events and the educational curriculum. 

Our Partnerships are established on the foundations of respecting and understanding families’ different expectations, perspectives and cultures. 

The Centre endeavours to provide families with support and guidance through their parenting journey.


Our Centre provides a happy, secure, clean and sustainable environment where children, families and educators feel safe both physically and emotionally. 

We value each child as an individual and respect their unique rights and needs.

Children are born belonging to a culture and we strive to create a positive, inclusive learning environment that fosters diversity and respect among children, families and educators. 

Educators and staff respect the skills, abilities and knowledge of all children. They ensure all interactions, experiences and resources are available to support social justice which creates equal opportunities to achieve learning outcomes. 

Children’s physical, emotional and psychological development is paramount and the educators will act in the best interest of the children’s health, safety and wellbeing at all times.

Educational curriculum

Our curriculum is child centred and is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. It views children as strong, capable and competent learners who have a sense of agency and learn best through a play based program.

Play is a high form of investigation and we believe each child’s current knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundations of the curriculum. Social interactions play an essential role in shaping children’s learning and development where educators discover spontaneous teachable moments. 

The curriculum provides opportunities for each child to engage in quality education, which positively explores diversity and cultural awareness. 


The Centre is an incorporated body run by a Governing Council consisting of the Director, Staff Representative and Parent Representatives. 

The Governing Council builds and maintains community partnerships with educators, children and families to strengthen our professional learning community. This supports the continuous evaluation of our Quality Improvement Plan. 

Through providing a supportive environment, educators and staff are inspired to pursue professional development opportunities and critically reflect on important aspects of our current practices. 

A safe and inclusive environment is essential for all educators and staff to respectfully contribute in to professional discussions and self-review.