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The Centre was officially opened on the 30th October 1988 by the Hon. Peter Duncan MP Minister for Employment and Education.

Employees from Modbury Hospital had put in a bid for a Community Child Care Centre to be built on the grounds of the hospital but it was decided that a Centre would be built on government ground nearby; approval was given to open a Centre in Sept 1986.

As the Centre was initiated by the Hospital it was believed that most of the Children would come from parents who worked there and so the Centre had extended care until midnight. The extended care ended in 1998 as numbers of children requiring evening care dwindled.

It continued as Modbury Hospital and Community Child Care Centre until the beginning of 1996 and then became Modbury Community Child Care centre.

The Centres name changed again in December 2007 becoming Modbury Community Children’s Centre. The decision to change was made by a majority of Community run centres and their Governing Councils to improve their badging and also their strong belief that we educate children not just care for them.

Over this time there have been four Directors and four acting Directors. We have a strong and dedicated educator and staff base with some of the Educators having been here for more than 20 years.

There have been changes and upgrades to the building and grounds over the years but most of the changes we have seen have been with administration, legislation and curriculum. These include the SACSA Framework and National Child Care Accreditation and now the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework and Standards, which recognizes the importance of highly trained educators and staff and the importance of play within a nurturing educational environment.