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Weekly Menu

Week 1 menu – Monday 20th – Friday 24th August

Morning TeaLunchAfternoon TeaLate Snack
MondayFresh fruit and Rock BunsHarira – North African Lamb
(Minced lamb, onions, ginger, tomato and chick peas)
Fresh fruit, Cheese and CustardFruit bread
TuesdayFresh fruit and Sandwiches (Ham and sauce or Vegemite)Italian – Chicken Risoni
(Minced chicken, onion, garlic, capsicum, zucchini, mushroom and sundried tomatoes simmered with the risoni pasta)
Fresh fruit, Cheese and Apricot Bran LoafCorn thins
WednesdayFresh fruit and Fruit BreadVegetarian baked beans
(onion, capsicum, spinach, zucchini, lentils with baked beans)
Fresh fruit and Savoury platters with Fritz, tomato, cheese and crackersBanana muffins
ThursdayFresh fruit and YoghurtBeef Bolognaise
(carrot, capsicum, celery, onion, herbs with beef mince in a tomato sauce)
Fresh fruit, cheese and Sandwiches (Cheese or vegemite)Arrowroots
FridayFresh fruit  and Pumpkin sconesTuna Mornay
(tuna, peas, curry and corn in a cheese white sauce)
Fresh fruit, cheese and cornflake biscuitsFruit bread

Week 2 menu – Monday the 27th – Friday 31st August

Morning TeaLunchAfternoon TeaLate Snack
MondayFresh fruit and Cheery coconut muffinsHungarian – Beef Goulash
(diced beef, celery, mushrooms, onion, capsicum, potatoes in a tomato sauce)
Fresh fruit, cheese and Sandwiches (Fritz and sauce or VegemiteSweet biscuits
TuesdayFresh fruit  and Fruit BreadVegetarian Pizza and Tandoori Chicken PizzaFresh fruit, cheese and Banana custardCruskits
WednesdayFresh fruit and yoghurtVegetarian lentil bolognaise
(celery, carrot, zucchini, onion, mushroom, lentils, capscium, spinach in a tomato herb sauce)
Fresh fruit & cheese  with Fruit scrollsVegemite sandwiches
ThursdayFresh fruit and Sandwiches (Cheese or Vegemite)Asian – Hoisin pork and hokkien noodles
(diced pork, onion, baby corn, broccoli, capsicum, carrot, celery and cabbage)
Fresh fruit and Savoury platters with dip, soft carrot sticks, cucumber, cheese and crackersApple date muffins
FridayFresh fruit and rock bunsBeef Gnocchi
(beef, carrot, capscium, celery, onion, herbs in a tomato with potato gnocchi)
Fresh fruit & cheese with pumpkin feta pastriesCorn thins

Week 3 menu – Monday the 3rd to Friday 7th September

Morning TeaLunchAfternoon TeaLate Snack
MondayFresh fruit and YoghurtFettuccini Carbonara
(onions, mushroom, zucchini, capsicum, red lentils, wholemeal fettuccini pasta in a sour cream cheese sauce)
Fresh fruit, cheese and Lebanese – Khoubiz (flat bread with taziki dip with chick pea pattiesFruit muffins
TuesdayFresh fruit and fruit English muffinsBeef Lasagna with Foccacia (pizza like bread)
(beef mince, tomato, capsicum, onion, spinach and cheese sauce layered with pasta)
Fresh fruit, cheese and pumpkin sconesArrowroots
WednesdayFresh fruit and Sandwiches (ham or cheese)Asian – Chicken meatloaf with a cold pasta salad
(diced chicken, spring onion, carrot, zucchini, capsicum and coriander)
Fresh fruit, Cheese and CustardCruskits
ThursdayFresh fruit and Fruit BreadFish Fingers with mashed vegetablesFresh fruit, cheese and vegemite scrollsCorn thins
FridayFresh fruit  and Fruit BreadChinese – Beef stir fry with Noodles
(diced beef, onion, capsicum, broccoli, carrot, celery and cabbage)
Fresh fruit, cheese and Apricot Bran LoafSweet biscuits

Week 4 menu – Monday the 10th to Friday 14th September

Morning TeaLunchAfternoon TeaLate Snack
MondayFresh fruit  and Fruit sconesSavoury Beef with wholmeal pasta
(minced beef, onion, celery, capsicum, mixed vegetables in a gravy sauce)
Fresh fruit, cheese & German strudel cakeCorn thins
TuesdayFresh fruit and YoghurtTuna patties with mashed vegetables
(tuna, peas, curry and creamed corn with mashed potato rolled into a crumed ball and oven baked)
Fresh fruit & cheese with Sandwiches (cheese or vegemite)Fruit bread
WednesdayFresh fruit with Cheese and sundried tomato muffinsSausage spaghetti with wholemeal toast
(hotdogs chopped with onion, capsicum and spinach in a tomato soup sauce with spaghetti added)
Fresh fruit & cheese with savoury pinwheelsSweet biscuits
ThursdayFresh fruit and Savoury platter with cheese, fritz, cucumber, tomatoes and crackersVegetarian Quiche with beetroot
(eggs, pasta, cheese, tomato and spinach baked in oven)
Fresh fruit, cheese and Banana breadCruskits
FridayFresh fruit and YoghurtGreek Lamb with Crusty cheese bread
(minced lamb, garlic onions, olives, coriander, green s liced beans, natural yoghurt, garlic)
Fresh fruit & cheese with Fruit scrollsArrowroots