Menu Week 1

Week 1 menu

Monday the 20th to Friday 24th August

Morning TeaLunchAfternoon TeaLate Snack
MondayFresh fruit and Rock BunsHarira – North African Lamb
(Minced lamb, onions, ginger, tomato and chick peas)
Fresh fruit, Cheese and CustardFruit bread
TuesdayFresh fruit and Sandwiches (Ham and sauce or Vegemite)Italian – Chicken Risoni
(Minced chicken, onion, garlic, capsicum, zucchini, mushroom and sundried tomatoes simmered with the risoni pasta)
Fresh fruit, Cheese and Apricot Bran LoafCorn thins
WednesdayFresh fruit and Fruit BreadVegetarian baked beans
(onion, capsicum, spinach, zucchini, lentils with baked beans)
Fresh fruit and Savoury platters with Fritz, tomato, cheese and crackersBanana muffins
ThursdayFresh fruit and YoghurtBeef Bolognaise
(carrot, capsicum, celery, onion, herbs with beef mince in a tomato sauce)
Fresh fruit, cheese and Sandwiches (Cheese or vegemite)Arrowroots
FridayFresh fruit  and Pumpkin sconesTuna Mornay
(tuna, peas, curry and corn in a cheese white sauce)
Fresh fruit, cheese and cornflake biscuitsFruit bread